Sunday, September 16, 2012

Conveying the Message: Visual Diplomacy Seminar (PY362)

Jumping ahead to September 10-14, 2012.  It was my wonderful privilege to be the course coordinator for Visual Diplomacy AND to attend the training as a participant.  Our week long project was to create a 1 minute video about our assigned topic.  I have never created anything with the use of iMovie, so like most of my colleagues I found the learning curve pretty steep.  ( I watched my daughter create a short video on my computer in August)

When they announced our time was up I reluctantly obeyed knowing my bibliography had not been added.

This coming week I will hope to add that.  for now here are the credits
Deep Peace  Heather Innes And Jacynth Hamill The Land I Call My Home Country & Folk  and gun and airplane sounds.

The instructors: Brigitte Pressler and Georg Steinboeck are incredibly talented and skilled professionals.  I am indeed very blessed to have been taught by them.

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