Sunday, September 16, 2012

Conveying the Message: Visual Diplomacy Seminar (PY362)

Jumping ahead to September 10-14, 2012.  It was my wonderful privilege to be the course coordinator for Visual Diplomacy AND to attend the training as a participant.  Our week long project was to create a 1 minute video about our assigned topic.  I have never created anything with the use of iMovie, so like most of my colleagues I found the learning curve pretty steep.  ( I watched my daughter create a short video on my computer in August)

When they announced our time was up I reluctantly obeyed knowing my bibliography had not been added.

This coming week I will hope to add that.  for now here are the credits
Deep Peace  Heather Innes And Jacynth Hamill The Land I Call My Home Country & Folk  and gun and airplane sounds.

The instructors: Brigitte Pressler and Georg Steinboeck are incredibly talented and skilled professionals.  I am indeed very blessed to have been taught by them.

Friday, September 7, 2012

More June Family Fun

A Family Dinner at the Copper Mill in Logan Utah

Showing the loyalty of our English Ancestors.

Princess chillin'

It is awesome when we get together.  My sister and brother both flew in for the Sealing.

June BirthdaysI

It has been a while since Dean and I have been in the same country as our children on their birthdays.
June in Utah we hosted a Birthday Bash at an excellent
Curry restaurant on Center street in Provo.

We loved the color, flavors, and friends in our celebration.

Having grandparents there was great as well!

We Sure love That Jenny's parents and sister, and Dean's sister and Brother came.

Great Night!

A Big Family Reunion

BBQ with both families hosted by my brother and sister-i.l.

time in the pool and jacuzzi at our hotel

An Eternal Sealing in the Logan Temple!

30 years ago, July 1982, we were married and sealed here in Logan Utah.

Sisters together again!

And the princess has learned to walk! She entertained us all with her dancing.

A Grandson Arrives- in May

We are delighted that our Captain Adorable arrived healthy and well.  Ready to be kissed and cuddled by all his adoring relatives.

It is Time to Catch Up!

Four months ago locked me out of my blog.  Today I will do my best to catch up.  Or at least I will try.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finds at the Easter Market

Vienna has fabulous Easter Markets!
This year we went to one.
And found some fun things to buy.
The wooden top is made from Olive wood.

The orange oil with the date sauce
has made eating lettuce salads enjoyable again.

 fragrant shower soap in bags- hard to choose just two

Hubby chose this sweet glass bunny-with Raspberry syrup